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Heavy-Lift Unmanned aerial vehicle 

This (UAV) unmanned aircraft vehicle was designed with the purpose of carrying a multitude of payloads for numerous applications. Including agricultural spraying, geo-spatial surveying, search and rescue, thermal and hyperspectral imaging, and emissions sensing.

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Hydraulic Dumpster Lift

This mechanism was designed with the purpose of lifting a payload of up to 15 tons, a 55 degree dump angle, and a short overhang for easy maneuvering. This mechanism is used to serve a multitude of projects that range from construction sites to aiding in disaster relief. 

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Biometric Clocking Station

This Biometric Clocking Station was designed with the purpose of tracking and managing hourly wages. It utilizes a scanner to recognize stored images of each employee's fingerprints in real time to determine whether or not the right person is clocking in.

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