Carlos Macca, also known as @carlostheinventor on Instagram, is an inventor and entrepreneur from Orlando, Florida who is revolutionizing the way 3D printing technology is accessed and utilized.

At just 21 years old,  Carlos saw a gap in the market for affordable and accessible 3D printing services. Being proactive, he founded Protomac Corporation, offering high-quality 3D printing services to individuals, small businesses, and organizations in his community.

Protomac Corporation, uses state-of-the-art equipment and software to create a wide range of products, from custom-designed prosthetics, to prototypes for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to bring their ideas to life. Carlos has worked with giants in the theme park industry like DisneyTM, Universal StudiosTM, Busch GardensTM and Sea WorldTM.

In addition to providing 3D printing services, he also offers workshops and classes to teach individuals of all ages how to use 3D printing technology and design software. This not only helps to demystify the technology, but also empowers his customers to become more self-sufficient and creative with their projects.

Carlos’ dedication to education and community engagement sets his business apart. “As you can see, I’m extremely enthusiastic about bringing ideas to life and products to the market. I enjoy being of service to others because it brings me joy to see others succeed. Inspiring people who are creative but feel stuck because they don’t know how to put their ideas into action is important to me because I think the ability to materialize a piece of imagination is a superpower we all have”, says Carlos. 

Through his business, Carlos is not only making 3D printing technology more accessible, but he is also fostering a culture of innovation and creativity in his community. His services have already helped many individuals and small businesses bring their ideas to life, and with his dedication to education, he is helping to pave the way for the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs. Carlos hopes to expand his business and push the boundaries of service and possibilities in the 3D printing technology space.

With his talent, drive, and dedication, Carlos has already mapped out his trajectory to success. To learn more about Carlos Macca, visit or to find out more about Protomac Corporation, visit